Choose Well: Substance Use and Addiction & Smoke/Tobacco-Free


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  • Reduce the amount of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use on campus
  • Reduce harm associated with substance use
  • Increase safe substance use behaviors among students, staff and faculty
  • Support students, staff and faculty in recovery
  • UCR Smoke/Tobacco-Free is committed to providing a tobacco-free environment
  • Cannabis/Marijuana Education and Awareness is committed to providing information and resources to keep you well informed of the risks of cannabis use
  • Substance Use Policy Update - the subcommittee in collaboration with key university units, is reviewing and updating the university's substance use policy for faculty, staff and students
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Devon Sakamoto


Davon Sakamoto


Tanya Neiri

Tanya Nieri, PhD


Julie Chobdee

Julie Chobdee

Wellness Program Coordinator
Human Resources

Meera Nair

Dr. Meera Nair

School of Medicine