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Healthy Campus Integration Toolkit - November 2019

In order for health and well-being to be a priority and part of campus norms, it needs to be integrated into the campus infrastructure, decision making, policies and practices, and the physical environment. There are many actionable ways this can be done.

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide guidelines for campuses on how to integrate HC into the particular culture of each department on campus as well as the campus as a whole. The toolkit includes checklists for a few key areas on campus.

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Healthy Campus Implementation Guide
Healthy Campus Implementation Guide - November 2019

UCR Healthy Campus (HC) strives to be the model healthy campus, inspiring and infusing health and well-being into all of its facets. HC will collaborate with campus and community partners to create a campus culture of health by incorporating health into all policies, programs, services and learning, teaching and work environments. The Healthy Campus Implementation Guide outlines how this can be accomplished.

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