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Healthy Beverage Initiative

The UC Healthy Beverage Initiative (HBI) aims to improve access to tap water as a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and provide the opportunity for UC campuses to create Healthy Beverage Zones and to educate about the health risks of sugar-sweetened-beverages (SSBs).  The initiative also includes an evaluation of the facilitators and barriers of moving towards an expansion of Healthy Beverage Zones.

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 Project Aims

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  • Provide access to tap water through installation of tap water bottle refillers, hydration stations and water access signage
  • Conduct a campus assessment of the beverage environment and stakeholder engagement, and launch efforts to understand the ability to create or expand Healthy Beverage Zones

Hydration Stations

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UCR's 44 Hydration stations are available for use and can be found by zooming in on the Hand Sanitizer & Water Refill Stations map and finding the blue water icons. All 255 traditional drinking fountains on the UCR main campus are currently unavailable. For questions, please contact Facilities Services (FS).

Educational Posters

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Water Are You thinking, UCR Water is Safe, Say Yes to Water, Groundwater - Riverside's Primary Water Source, Feel Great - Hydrate; these are some of the educational water posters that are available to view and download. Learn about the many benefits of drinking water such as boosting energy, nutrient absorption, fighting off illness and much more. Visit the Educational Poster webpage.

Healthy Beverage Initiative Subcommittee

Ann Cheney
Built Environment member - Rich Yueh
Built Environment member - Lauren Green
Built Environment member - Amanda Grey

Dr. Anne Cheney
Faculty Co-Lead
Assistant Professor
Center for Healthy Communities
 School of Medicine

Rich Yeu
Faculty Co-Lead
Assistant Professor of Te
Information Systems
School of Business

Lauren Green
Staff Co-Lead
Administrative Assistant
Transportation and Parking

Amanda Grey
Staff Co-Lead
Environmental Programs